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Dormit X project manager is to plan and oversee both residential and commercial construction. We work in various industries, including construction, engineering, technology, and health care, and are responsible for leading a team, creating budgets, and establishing project timelines to ensure that construction work progresses smoothly and finishes on time. The project manager’s primary duties include coordinating inspections and permits, budgeting site finances, managing construction work, monitoring construction progress, ensuring safety and compliance, and finding contractors and vendors. They are ultimately responsible for the success of a construction project and may identify and rectify noncompliance issues and match talent to the necessary tasks.

Coordinate inspections and permits

As part of their responsibilities, a residential project manager may obtain the necessary permits and submit house plans for evaluation and approval by local building departments before commencing construction work. They also coordinate inspections with home inspectors, which is an essential duty in their role.

Budget site finances

The residential project manager is tasked with preparing and presenting construction project estimates to clients, as construction projects can often involve significant financial and resource investments, amounting to millions of dollars. Once the project is underway, the project manager monitors expenses and seeks ways to minimize costs while ensuring that contractors and builders adhere to budget limits.

Manage construction work

Residential project managers are responsible for overseeing all aspects of residential construction work, which may include tasks ranging from initial planning to the final delivery of finished private homes or apartments. Additionally, these managers determine fit-out timelines, identify vendors, and establish performance standards to ensure that the project meets the required quality standards.

Monitor construction progress

Construction projects have specific start and finish dates, and the project manager is responsible for ensuring that subcontractors, builders, and tradespeople complete their assigned work within the established work schedules and timelines. The project manager may also provide regular updates on project timelines to stakeholders to keep them informed about the progress of the project.

Ensure safety and compliance

The residential project manager collaborates with the company’s management to enforce safety and environmental procedures for all construction work and employees on-site. They develop and implement safety policies and ensure compliance with local and state rules and regulations. Throughout the project, the manager may also identify noncompliance issues, such as unsafe working conditions, and ensure that the contractor takes the necessary corrective measures to address these concerns.

Find contractors and vendors

The project manager is responsible for finding the right talent for the different tasks involved in a any construction project. This may include identifying and hiring architects, engineers, builders, and suppliers for various aspects of the project. In summary, the project manager is responsible for matching talent to tasks to ensure that the project is completed successfully.

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